Systemic Advocacy

If many young people and/or their families have the same problem when accessing a department's service, or are unable to receive a service, we consider what factors within the department may be causing the issue. If the problem has the potential to occur again and impact other young Nunavummiut if it is not addressed, we identify the problem as a systemic issue. Systemic issues require Systemic Advocacy which makes recommendations to responsible department(s) suggesting changes to legislation, policies, procedures, programs, and services to address underlying factors.

For each systemic issue, a lead department is identified as responsible for addressing the issue. However, some of the issues require multiple departments to work collaboratively to address the issue in a holistic way.

Systemic issues are brought to our attention in many ways, including: through our individual advocacy casework, from young people and their families, from community members, from Members of the Legislative Assembly, Youth Parliamentarians, departments, and through stories shared in the media. 

Our systemic database is a year over year accumulation of all systemic issues identified by or brought to the RCYO's attention.