RCYO visit to Naujaat May 25th – May 28th 2017

Nancy, one of our systemic investigators, recently came back from meeting young people and service providers in Naujaat. Here is what she had to say about her trip:

After three different attempts to get to Naujaat, I was the lucky RCYO staff member who managed to land in this beautiful community.

While in Naujaat, I met with staff and students at the Tusarvik Elementary School where I had a chance to talk about children’s rights and the work of our office. It was great meeting all the students - they were so much fun! Since it was the end of the school year, I met with some of high school students at the community centre in the evening. A lot of the youth I met were very passionate about Inuktitut and their culture.

Even though my schedule was very packed, I managed to make some time to go ice fishing with a young family from the community. Unfortunately I did not catch any “ugly fish” but it was great to be outdoors and on the ice.

Thank you to all who took the time to sit and speak with me while I was in Naujaat. It was so nice to be surrounded by so many Inuktitut speaking youth.