Our Work and Families

Our office supports the responsibility parents have as their children’s main caregivers.

We also support a child’s right to contribute to his or her family and culture. At the same time, we know many Nunavummiut are healing from the effects of colonization and residential schools. We recognize that Nunavummiut must work together to move forward and that families may need extra supports to do so.

In our work, we strive to support the best interests of the child within healthy families. We do this by:

  • promoting all child rights – including a child’s right to family ties and a child’s right to live, wherever possible, with families who care for them
  • working with government departments to raise awareness of their duty to support parents and families
  • raising awareness of how child rights support identity, family and culture
  • providing information on government services that support parents

We believe healthy families can help provide children the safety, nurturing and guidance they need to thrive!