Rights Dice Game


  • Two dice 
  • One set of (laminated) rights strips (or rights photos) 

Prior to play: Print the Rights Strips for Dice Game and cut each of the rights into an individual strip. Laminating the strips is options. In that same folder, there is another folder titled Rights Photos, feel free to use these images instead of the strips if you feel the language is too advance for your students.

To set up the game: Place the strips (or photos) in a messy pile, face-down, on a table or other flat surface, a short distance away from the group. Invite student to gather in a circle on the floor, in an area slightly away from the rights strips.

The aim of this dice game is for each student to read aloud as many of the rights strips as possible before someone else rolls the lucky number. The teacher should place themselves near the rights strips so they are able to help with the reading, if needed. We encourage you to challenge your students with the vocabulary. These are important words for them to know.

To begin the game, one person will roll the die to determine the lucky number. Make sure everyone knows what the lucky number is. Then give each of the two die to students on opposite sides of the circle.

Student will roll the dice once and pass it clock-wise to the classmate. When a student rolls the lucky number, they are to jump up and run to the area with the rights strips and read aloud as many rights as they can before another student rolls the lucky number. Once the lucky number is rolled by another student, the first student returns to the circle with the rights strips they read aloud, while the second student reads as many rights strips as they can.

The game ends when all of the rights strips have been collected and read aloud, or the allotted time has lapsed. At the end of the game, the student with the most strips wins. In the case of a tie, each person in the tie will roll a die and the highest number wins.

To discuss with the group: Have each student read aloud again one of the rights strips they picked. Discuss each right. Be sure to ask for input on each right from the students.