2017 Baker Lake and Whale Cove Community Visits

From May 5th to the 12th, Andrew Nunez and David Korgak, Child and Youth Advocacy Specialists, visited Baker Lake and Whale Cove. In that time, Andrew and David met with many members of each community. In Baker Lake, they spent a lot of time in both schools discussing children’s rights with students all the way from the K-5 Rachel Arngnammaktiq Elementary School to the grade 6-12 Jonah Amitnaaq Secondary School. They also met with government service providers including teachers, nurses, youth workers, and many more. The community was very engaged in discussing the work of the office and was very welcoming. Andrew and David had a table at the local Northern where many enthusiastic families and community members were able to learn more about child rights advocacy. In Whale Cove, the entire community was engaged and interested in learning about what the Representative’s office does and what type of service it offers. Andrew and David spoke with all the children and youth in the Inuglak School. They even joined in for some games in the community hall! They were very impressed at how tight-knit and close the community is and all the activities and resources that the community has put in place for its youth.