Reviews of Critical Injuries and Deaths

This program is not operational as Section 4(1)(b) of the RCYA is not yet in force.

In Nunavut, critical injuries to young people are not independently reviewed and deaths of young people are only reviewed by the Office of the Chief Coroner when the death has occurred in territory, to determine the identity of the deceased, and how, when, where, and by what means they died. 

Once this section of the RCYA is in force, our Reviews of Critical Injuries and Deaths program will conduct investigations into circumstances leading up to a critical injury or death of a young person(s), to determine if they received the services they were entitled to and if these services met their needs.

After completing a review, our office may make recommendations to ensure accountability of the responsible department(s) and/or to make suggested improvements to legislation, policies, procedures, programs, and services with the intention of preventing similar injuries or deaths of young people from occurring in the future.