2016 Your Story, Your Voice Contest

The Representative for Children and Youth’s office held its second-annual Your Story, Your Voice Contest in celebration of National Child Day on November 20, 2016. This contest was an opportunity to raise awareness of our office and to start young Nunavummiut talking about their rights.

The theme for 2016 was “right to participate.” This year, we asked Nunavut schools to send us classroom entries of door decorations or wall murals that reflected this theme. We received entries from six classes – each showing us the creativity and originality of young Nunavummiut!

This year’s winners are:

  • K-3 Class – Gjoa Haven -  Quqshuun Ilihakvik - Catherine Eleeheetook’s P3 Class
  • 4-7 Class – Gjoa Haven Primary 5 - Quqshuun Ilihakvik – Joanni Sallerina’s P5 Class
  • 8-12 Class – Arviat – Qitiqliq Middle School - Jamie Samuel’s Grade 8 Class

In the spirit of honouring a child’s right to participate, classes will work with the RCY’s office to determine what each class’s prize will be.

Thanks to all who participated:

  • Gjoa Haven - Quqshuun Ilihakvik P3 Class
  • Gjoa Haven - Quqshuun Ilihakvik P4 Class
  • Gjoa Haven- Quqshuun Ilihakvik P5 Class
  • Gjoa Haven – Quqshuun Ilihakvik I1 Class
  • Arviat –  Qitiqliq Middle School 8A Class
  • Arviat – Qitiqliq Middle School 8B Class

We look forward to next year!



Nunavut’s Representative for Children and Youth’s office is proud to announce the launch of its 2016 Your Story, Your Voice Contest. 

We began this contest for young people in 2015 – to raise awareness of National Child Day, child rights and our office. National Child Day is observed around the world every year on November 20th to mark the signing of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

In 2016, we are once again holding this contest for young Nunavummiut. However, in response to feedback from schools, this year we are doing things a little differently. In 2016, instead of an individual writing contest, we are asking for class art submissions in the form of either murals or door decorations, where all students in a class work together to create a visual expression of this year’s theme!

Our Theme for 2016

In 2016, the theme of the Your Story, Your Voice Contest is children’s right to participation. This right is an essential part of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. In fact, it is one of the Convention’s guiding principles: that children have the right to give their opinion in decisions that affect them. This doesn’t mean that children drive decision making. It does mean that children’s opinions should be considered because they add value to the decision-making process.

Several sections or articles of the Convention connect to the right to participation, including articles 12 and 13. Article 12 states that children have the right to share their opinions and that adults should listen. Article 13 says children have the right to express themselves through any form they choose – writing, drawing, talking – as long as it does not harm or offend others.

Contest Rules

1.     The contest opens October 17, 2016 and closes at 5pm UTC (Mountain Time) on November 4, 2016.

2.     The contest is open to classes in Nunavut public schools from kindergarten to grade 12.

3.     There is a limit of one official entry per class.

4.     For administrative purposes, classroom teachers should submit the entry on behalf of their classes.

5.     Entries should be either a wall mural or class door decoration that expresses the right to participation. If you would like more information on this right, please take a look at the background information and resources documents provided. Entries will be evaluated on creativity, originality and how accurately they express children’s right to participation.

6.     Classes should email electronic images of their entries (either JPG or PNG files) to the RCY’s office at: contact@rcynu.ca.

7.     Entries must include:

  • Community name
  • School name
  • Teacher’s name
  • Names of all students who participated
  • Class grade
  • Teacher’s contact phone number and email address

8.     If the RCY’s office selects a class’s entry as the winner in its category, we will ask the class teacher to sign an agreement to transfer copyright to our office.

9.     Entries must be emailed to the RCY’s office by 5pm UTC (Mountain Time)  on Nov 4, 2016. The office’s email address is: contact@rcynu.ca.

  • Kindergarten to Grade 3 – classroom prize up to $500
  • Grade 4 to Grade 7 – classroom prize up to $500
  • Grade 8 to Grade 12 – classroom prize up to $500


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our office either by phone at 1-855-449-8118 (toll-free) or 867-975-5090 (in Iqaluit) or email us at contact@rcynu.ca