Our Mission, Vision and Mandate

Our Mission

We are an independent child and youth advocacy office that ensures the Government of Nunavut supports and protects the rights and
interests of young Nunavummiut.

Our Vision

All children and youth in Nunavut know their potential, value their identity and feel supported and empowered to express their views
in matters that affect them.

Our Mandate

Our office is independent from the Government of Nunavut. We report directly to Nunavut’s Legislative Assembly. The Representative for Children and Youth Act outlines the Representative’s duties and powers.

These include:

  • protecting the rights and interests of young Nunavummiut – as individuals and as a whole
  • making sure government departments hear and consider young Nunavummiut’s views on issues that affect them
  • ensuring young people can access government department services
  • promoting understanding between service providers and young people and their families
  • raising public awareness of young people’s rights and our office’s work
  • making recommendations to government departments on child and youth-related legislation, policies, programs and services