How We Involve Elders

Our office appreciates the role Elders can have in guiding young people to become complete human beings.

Elders offer invaluable wisdom and perspective based on lived experiences and cultural teachings. Their voices are integral to our work. For these reasons, our office maintains a current roster of Regional Elder Advisors. These advisors are well-respected in their home communities and considered experts in Inuit culture and societal values. They also firmly believe that traditional Inuit knowledge has a role to play in improving programs and services for children and youth.

Regional Elder Advisors work with us in several ways. They can:

  • help us with dispute resolution
  • advise on individual advocacy cases
  • advise on systemic review
  • ensure our office applies Inuit societal values to its own procedures

From time-to-time, our office will issue a call for nominations for Elder Advisors. Please check our website regularly for updates.

In addition, our office staff aim to regularly meet with Elders as part of our work visiting communities. These meetings are an opportunity for our office to explain our work and also listen and learn from Elders.