R ‘n R Activity: Rights and Responsibilities

R ‘n R Activity: Rights and Responsibilities

 One set of rights strips (or photos or both)

Prior to play: Your RCYO Resources USB contains a Word file titled Rights Strips for Dice Game found in the Rights Dice Game folder. Simply print the document and cut each of the rights into individual strips. Laminating the strips is optional. If the language used on the strips is too advanced for the grade level, use the photos found in the Rights Photos folder, inside the Rights Dice Game folder. If you have already prepared these items for the Rights Dice Game, they can be reused for this activity.

Invite the students to gather around you in a circle or at their desks.

Ask one student to choose a right strip (or photo) from the pile. Read the right aloud if using the strips, or identify the right if using the photo.

To discuss with the group: Focus the conversation on the responsibilities associated with that right. It is important to address both the rights and responsibilites in a manner that is relatable to the students and the community they live in.