Systemic Advocacy

Sometimes many young people face the same broad issue or concern. We call these “bigger” issues systemic.

A systemic issue:

  • affects many children or youth
  • often happens when government policies and practices are not working
  • if left alone will probably happen again
  • may require an organization to change its policies, practices or even legislation

Our systemic advocacy begins when we identify a “big picture” issue. It might be an issue raised in Nunavut’s legislature or in the media. It might be an issue we repeatedly see in our individual advocacy work. Concerned young people and adults can also bring issues to our attention.

We then decide whether to do informal or formal systemic advocacy. Informal advocacy mainly uses discussion and collaboration to bring about change. Formal systemic work is more in-depth. Formal systemic reviews likely result in written reports to government departments. Our office can then choose to issue these reviews as public reports.