How We Help

What We Do

Our office helps young Nunavummiut know their rights and we make sure the Government of Nunavut supports and protects these rights.
Essentially, we make sure:

  • you can access government programs and services
  • government programs and services meet your needs
  • government considers what you think in decisions made about you

How We Help – Individual Advocacy

One way we do this is through individual advocacy. This means working one-on-one with a young person. We can:

  • give you information on your rights
  • help you and/or your family find services or programs you need
  • coach you in how to explain what you need to others
  • make sure you can participate in decision making about you
  • sit in on a meeting between you and a health worker, social worker, community corrections officer, or other government worker

How we help you really depends on what you need and what you tell us!

Other Ways We Help

Our office also works in three other areas:

  • Systemic Advocacy - Sometimes many young people face the same issue. We call these “big picture” issues systemic. If you have a concern about a government law, policy, program or service that you would like us to look into, contact us. You know what issues youth in Nunavut today are facing!

  • Reviews of Critical Injuries and Deaths - When a young person has a serious accident or dies, we can review what happened. These reviews often end in recommendations that can help prevent similar events in the future. However, we haven’t yet started this area of our work. We are taking extra time and care to make sure our office is fully prepared to begin such sensitive reviews.

  • Public Awareness - Our office wants all Nunavummiut to understand child rights and what our office does.